Ways to Get Organised in 2020

1. Buy the best journal you've ever seen.
Head over to your favourite stationary shop and pick out the best journal you have ever seen. Do you need a page a day, a week to view? What works best for you? We personally like a journal that has both, that way you can view your day and your week at the same time and break your tasks down into manageable chunks. Whichever type of journal you prefer, buy the one that speaks to you the most and spend as long as you need to fill it out and get organised!

2. Declutter and clean your workspace
Did you let the Christmas rush get the better of you? Is your workspace in need of some serious TLC? Well now is the time to declutter and clean that workspace. Get rid of anything that you no longer need, create a filing system for everything that you do need, and give everything a little wipe over and a dust. You will instantly want to get working in that clean and tidy space!

3. Plan. Plan. Plan.
Make planning your new best friend. If you start your day with no plan of action, you will more than likely spend a LOT of time procrastinating. Spend some time on a Sunday evening planning out your week day by day, task by task. This way you can start each day knowing exactly what needs to get done and how you are going to do it, no messing around! But remember to leave a little bit of wiggle room for any unexpected tasks that may arise throughout the day/week.

4. Set long and short term goals
What is the point in working towards.. well, nothing? Setting goals is key to staying on track and actually achieving something. Start by setting goals for the day, week, month, and even the year. Long term goals are just as important as short term. You can refer to these goals at all times to make sure that you are focusing on what is important, and more importantly, to make sure that you smash them!

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